SAME DAY — the annotated transcript

(SAME DAY v.3 | slides + audience audio recording)


Another lawyer, right? (At long last!) Natalia, plus Rinat, Anatoli, Ike & Rob!
Bridging the distance between the Trumping triumvirate (of Donnie, Jared, and Paul — who was “on his phone the whole time”) this bevy of Ruble-lubed ambassadorish-types, whose numbers grew with each passing hour…

his teeth are naturally white
your dog would absolutely love this

HANNITY: “This is all of it.”
TRUMP JR.: “This is everything.”

  • Spicer placates those who want to hear the meeting was innocuous
  • he enrages those who know that adoptions mean it was about Putin’s reaction to sanctions initiated by the passing of the Magnitsky Act which clamped down on the funds his oligarch friends were able to amass and squander
  • and then beffuddlement at how a Senior White House staffer hides the truth in plain sight, without a care in the world, like an on screen whisper, cause that’s what you do when you win.

MEGA-pixel levels

they were at in the 60s, a 10-fold increase.

We hold the camera so we can see.
Hold the camera, so we can see!
Hold the camera — we can see.

“People say they’ve never seen anything like what’s going on right now.”

Each day this endless middle ground, the beginning’s happened, the end’s ahead,

If a photograph fell in the woods…
…would you be there to post it?

October 7th, the SAME DAY I see this, Facebook reveals the Russian troll farm bought ads on Instagram, too.



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Michael David Murphy

Michael David Murphy

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