Michael David Murphy
1 min readApr 12, 2018


If you want to see which companies/brands have uploaded *your* info to Facebook (to directly target you with sponsored content) instructions are here.

These are mine. Some of these businesses and brands I’m aware of, many of them I’ve never seen nor heard of before.

This is a record of which businesses or brands uploaded my information into Facebook through FB’s “custom audiences” tool/product (the great succe$$ of this ad/surveillance platform). In nearly two full days of listening to Zuckerberg testify in front of Congress, I never heard custom audiences mentioned. (Just checked the transcripts, it was mentioned once, by Zuckerberg, each day.)

And yes, as a product, creating a custom audience is an example of how Cambridge Analytica (while working alongside Trump’s digital team in San Antonio) likely uploaded a list of voters using the famous “breach” of FB personality-quiz app data, to specifically target individual voters in swing states. <- This point is still partly speculative, has been publicly denied by both Brad Parscale and FB, and hasn’t been definitively proven, yet.

The regulation that will protect FB users in Europe, GDPR, disallows the creation of custom audiences (as the product currently exists) to target individual FB users there.

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