(In a year that never ends, here’s a quick look at the greatest long-playing musical efforts released during The Year of Our Dreadfulness.)

(My inspiration!)

In our era of decreasing focus & attention, where the prominence of playlists, singles and algorithmic shuffling have defeated the sustained artistic arc of The Album, long songs offer a halfway house between the sugary blink of Spotified-pop, and the shabbiness of sofa-sitting for a sustained LP listen on some oldster’s dusty turntable.

Long songs naturally skew to jazz releases and experimental wonkery; male artists more than female; and egoists who want the world to admire their…

(Each of the 32 captions from the Tanqueray/Stephanie fundraiser on Humans of New York (Sept. 20/28, 2020) followed with a permalink to the original post. I posted this here in order to make a more readable format than Instagram allows, and especially to enable read-later services. All content below is from Humans of New York and posting it here in no way assumes or claims copyright of this material. This page is not monetized, and canonical link points to Humans of New York)

Many of you will remember this young lady. Tanqueray caused quite a stir a few months ago…

(How I built a quick-and-dirty, personalized version of YouTube’s Watch Later, but for the entire web.)

Today’s news is full-bore. Following its twists and turns feels like being on the other end of this firehose.

I wondered if there might be a way to cobble together the day’s links, tweets and short video clips into a “news broadcast” of sorts. Back in the day, there were micro-services for this (I recall a universal watch-later bookmarklet from Boxee that allowed you to build a personal queue of video content, regardless of where it was located).

I’m not a developer, but I have a Mac, know a bit of command-line, and muck around with Python scripts. What…

(the third version of SAME DAY, as performed Nov. 2, 2017)

(SAME DAY v.3 | slides + audience audio recording)

(On November 2nd, 2017, I presented the third version of “Same Day” in an artist’s lecture at Atlanta Legal Aid. The video above contains audio recorded that afternoon, sync’d with slides. Here’s a photo of what it looked like. Below that, a script, of sorts. Here’s more info about the project.)

(…or how to waste a weekend looking too deeply at pictures of how Trump’s personal lawyer spent his Friday afternoon)

By now, you’ve surely seen photographs of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and his friends hanging out and smoking cigars last Friday afternoon.

13 representations of “Peter Carr declined to comment.”

Since the appointment last May of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference, I’ve been fascinated by how many times the investigation’s spokesperson, Peter Carr, has refused to comment on a breaking story.

Following Peter Stone and Greg Gordon’s story for McClatchey from Friday, April 13th, I sought to create visualizations of the stories I’d seen where Carr claimed, “no comment,” by creating redactions-in-reverse of the stories in their original form.

Below, all 13 stories, arranged chronologically.

MDM 20180415

If you want to see which companies/brands have uploaded *your* info to Facebook (to directly target you with sponsored content) instructions are here.

These are mine. Some of these businesses and brands I’m aware of, many of them I’ve never seen nor heard of before.

This is a record of which businesses or brands uploaded my information into Facebook through FB’s “custom audiences” tool/product (the great succe$$ of this ad/surveillance platform). In nearly two full days of listening to Zuckerberg testify in front of Congress, I never heard custom audiences mentioned. …

(What if everyone played the same hole at Augusta National at the same time?)

(Masters Sunday, Spieth on 18 / Getty)

The leaderboard at Augusta National is different from your weekly PGA Tour stop. It offers a more complete view, showing each golfer’s relationship to par after every hole, rather than a compressed view of their current relationship to par.

Online, The Masters offers two views of the exact same data; a digital version of their analog “over/under” scoreboard, and the more traditional “minus-what-thru-where” example.

Michael David Murphy

Photographer, Writer, Non-Profiteer.

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