(In a year that never ends, here’s a quick look at the greatest long-playing musical efforts released during The Year of Our Dreadfulness.)

In our era of decreasing focus & attention, where the prominence of playlists, singles and algorithmic shuffling have defeated the sustained artistic arc of The Album, long…

(How I built a quick-and-dirty, personalized version of YouTube’s Watch Later, but for the entire web.)

Today’s news is full-bore. Following its twists and turns feels like being on the other end of this firehose.

I wondered if there might be a way to cobble together the day’s links, tweets and short video clips into a “news broadcast” of sorts. Back in the day, there…

If you want to see which companies/brands have uploaded *your* info to Facebook (to directly target you with sponsored content) instructions are here.

These are mine. Some of these businesses and brands I’m aware of, many of them I’ve never seen nor heard of before.

This is a record of…

(What if everyone played the same hole at Augusta National at the same time?)

The leaderboard at Augusta National is different from your weekly PGA Tour stop. It offers a more complete view, showing each golfer’s relationship to par after every hole, rather than a compressed view of their current relationship to par.

Online, The Masters offers two views of the exact same data…

Michael David Murphy

Photographer, Writer, Non-Profiteer.

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